Catalyst 2030 Rwanda

Collaborating to achieve the SDGs

Rwandan chapter of Catalyst 2030

About Catalyst 2030 Rwanda

Catalyst 2030 Rwanda is collaborating to advance the SDGs in Rwanda.


November 2022

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Chapter Representatives

Samuel Niyomuremyi (Chair) | LinkedIn
Sauteur Ndikubwimana (Co-chair) | LinkedIn
Martine Amanda Manishimwe (Co-chair)

Chapter Coordinator (Contact)

Vainqueur Ineza Habyarimana | | LinkedIn


The Catalyst 2030 Rwanda Chapter is a collaboration of social innovators who are creating integrated approaches that engage communities, entrepreneurs and civil society organisations operating in Rwanda to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our goal is provide support for individuals in need, especially underserved groups with unaddressed community challenges.


Catalysing collaboration across the sectors to unleash collective potential for systems change in Rwanda.


Advancing the SDGs in Rwanda through an unprecedented mobilisation of social entrepreneurs, partners and resources.


Creating an environment where people and organisations build their resilience and commitments toward providing sustainable change to the community.

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