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Local collaborations for meaningful change

16 May 2023 | Collaborations

One of the strengths of the Catalyst 2030 network is the way in which our members can find new collaborators on the journey to bring about lasting, meaningful systems change.

Regional and Country Chapters strengthen the ecosystem at a local level to ensure collaboration and co-creation among social entrepreneurs, governments and governmental bodies.

The Catalyst 2030 Collaborations website page, which showcases work happening across the network, is managed by the movement’s Collaborations Working Group. Website content is frequently refreshed as new ideas and inspirational connections are added, showing how members are working together to facilitate tangible change, test ideas, and create new ways of working.

The Collaborations page also provides opportunities for more members to get involved in the work that is already underway across regions, sectors and thematic areas. Chapters are able to identify collaborations that could be useful and applicable in their own countries/regions depending on the thematic areas that they have identified as being their priority. Rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’, there could be opportunities to expand and scale existing collaborations in a localised context.

Catalyst 2030 members interested in starting new collaborations, joining existing collaborations or showcasing a member collaboration can let us know through the forms found here.

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